A Cancer Survivor's Move-On Guide
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Destination Survival | Ep. 4
Sadness Normal When Loved One Diagnosed With Cancer

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When your family member or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is normal to feel sad, anxious and depressed. It is also normal to feel that they might die. In all of this it is important to be supportive and help with the following:
1) Volunteer to go to Doctor meetings and take notes.
2) It is almost impossible to not wanna “google” the type and stage of cancer SO volunteer to do “google searches” so the patient doesn’t have to.
3) Be mindful of only getting your info from real credible sources. There is all kinds of info on the internet. Sometimes HUGELY inaccurate.
4) Try and share news that is upbeat and positive.
5) Avoid having a breakdown in front of the patient. You can possibly lend strength by appearing strong.
6) Take some time out to address YOUR sadness and fears. Support Groups are a great resource for you and for the patient.

Peace, TTC

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