A Cancer Survivor's Move-On Guide
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Ultimate Survivor


How These 12 Outlived their Prognosis?


“Ultimate Survivor” features twelve inspiring stories, from around the world, of patients given an advanced or terminal cancer diagnosis with few weeks to live but who outlived their prognosis. Each story is followed by a panel discussion with experts that break down the survival after cancer, for that particular patient.



Ultimate Survivor | Ep 2 | Does Calorie Restriction Help Manage Cancer

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How did Niharika Bhowmick outlive her cancer prognosis? Is there any merit to weight loss or calorie restriction in fighting cancer? Our medical experts weigh in…

Ultimate Survivor | Ep 1 | Why You Should Research Super Response Drugs

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How did Pat Howard outlive her cancer prognosis? How can you have access to super response drugs? Our medical experts weigh in…