A Cancer Survivor's Move-On Guide
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Priya Dutt & Namrata Singh Gujral support us!

Namrata Singh Gujral unveils TTC shows at SF stem cell donor initiative!

TTC premieres on June 01, 2014 (Cancer Survivors Day) with three shows: Ultimate Survivor, Destination Survival and Celebrity Survival Tips. We hope to shed light on the immediate and crucial need for stem cell donations amongst minorities, esp. South Asians.


Hrithik Roshan & Fardeen Khan support us!

Hrithik Roshan & Susanne Roshan support us!

Smita Thackeray & Raj Babbar support us!

Kelly McGillis & Joy Behar on “1 a Minute”


At “1 a Minute” we love media stars like Joy Behar and Kelly McGillis who make cancer awareness a priority. Thank you Joy and Kelly for your awesome support to “1 a Minute”!

“1 a Minute” Cast Member – Olivia Newton-John – 20 year Cancer Thriver

“1 a Minute” congratulates our cast member…
Olivia Newton-John
20 year Cancer Thriver
We love you, Olivia!

International Celebrities support us!

“1 a Minute” stars celebrity cancer survivors like Olivia Newton-John (Grease), Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels), Melissa Etheridge (An Inconvenient Truth), Namrata Singh Gujral (Americanizing Shelley / Kaante), Diahann Carroll (Claudine), Lisa Ray (Water / Bollywood Hollywood), Barbara Mori (La Mujer de Mi Hermano / Kites), Mumtaz (Iranian Actress / Bollywood) and cancer advocates like brothers Billy Baldwin (Backdraft) Continue Reading »

Sign the White House Cancer Petition!

Every Signature Counts. Please share this link with your world!

1) Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide.
2) Cancer rates will double by 2020, and triple by 2030.
3) One in three Americans will get diagnosed with cancer.
4) Cancer rates are rising dramatically in the East.
5) Large increases in cancer are expected in China, Russia, and India.
6) In America alone, a loved one dies from cancer, 1 a minute!

Every Signature Counts. Please share this link with your world.