A Cancer Survivor's Move-On Guide
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Thrive! With Namrata


Thrive! With Namrata is a panel based show that demands the bottom line. To survive cancer: What works? What doesn’t?  It separates the hope from the hype.

TWN asks important questions regarding diverse issues of cancer survivors such as diet, exercise, sugar, environment, faith, prayer, supplements and more and what is the level of truth to them working, if any.

This show features experts Dr. Debu Tripathy from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, renowned naturopath Dr. Holly Lucille and Dr. Deanna Attai, President of the American Society of Surgeons, with various celebrities who have been affected by cancer.

The show is hosted by actress and director, Namrata Singh Gujral, who herself has survived burkitt lymphoma blood cancer (2013), the most aggressive blood cancer known to man, after having battled breast cancer (2008.)

premieres 03 June 2018

31st National Cancer Survivors Day