A Cancer Survivor's Move-On Guide
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What is The Thrive Channel?

The Thrive Channel is a public service initiative, dedicated to the assistance of global cancer survivors, in life after a cancer diagnosis.
TTC is a leading media brand devoted to cancer survivorship. It is possible to heal your mind, body & spirit after any type or stage of cancer.

How can I get TTC on TV?

Please check your local TV listings to see if TTC is available in your area. You can always view TTC online on this web portal.

Can I watch TTC online from anywhere in the world?

Yes. We release our shows concurrently on TV and online, so you may have immediate access, no matter where you are in the world.
Since TTC is a public service initiative, we also keep the resolution of online shows low enough so you can watch them regardless of bandwidth in your region.

When was TTC launched?

TTC launches in June 2015 but phase 1 of this campaign was launched with “1 a Minute”.

Why is the prequel to this entertainment industry cancer movement called "1 a Minute"?

Every 58 seconds, somewhere in America, a person dies of cancer. One a minute. Every 69 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies of breast cancer. 1 a Minute. The movement was started with the 600 theater release of the movie “1 a Minute”, which follows a woman’s journey through cancer.

Who stars in 1 a Minute, the cancer documentary?

The cancer film “1 a Minute” features famous celebrity cancer survivors. Cast includes Kelly McGillis (Top Gun): Narrator, Olivia Newton-John (Grease): celeb cancer survivor, Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels): celeb cancer survivor, Melissa Etheridge (An Inconvenient Truth): celeb cancer survivor, Diahann Carroll (Claudine): celeb cancer survivor, Lisa Ray (Water, Bollywood Hollywood): celeb cancer survivor, Barbara Mori (La Mujer de Mi Hermano, Kites): celeb cancer survivor, Mumtaz (Iranian Actress, Bollywood): celeb cancer survivor, Namrata Singh Gujral (Americanizing Shelley): celeb cancer survivor, Billy Baldwin (Backdraft): Mom is a cancer survivor, Danny Baldwin (vampire): Mom is a cancer survivor, Priya Dutt (Bollywood): Mom died of cancer. The cancer doc also covers interviews with top western oncologists, such as Dr. Dennis Slamon – Inventor of Herceptin, top Eastern medicine practitioners such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Nancy Brinker (Komen, World Health Organization).

What are some of the topics that TTC addresses?

TTC features celeb cancer survivors and cancer expert opinions on issues like what is cancer, what causes cancer, cancer symptoms, cancer and environment, toxins and cancer, cancer diagnosis, why me, cancer survival, coping with cancer, is cancer curable, ivf and breast cancer, is there a cure for cancer, can chemotherapy cure cancer, what are alternative cancer therapies, what are complementary cancer therapies, cancer alternative medicine, cancer and eastern medicine, cancer and ayurveda, cancer and chinese medicine, cancer and homeopathy, the importance of integrative oncology, life after cancer, moving on from cancer, cancer diet, cancer and children, cancer and family, cancer care, cancer survival rate, cancer stages, early detection, fda and cancer, young adult cancer, young moms and cancer and more. The inspirational cancer doc lends hope and courage toward cancer survival. The aim is to raise funds for cancer cure and promote cancer awareness, cancer prevention and cancer support of womens cancers.

Where is the breast cancer dvd available?

1 a Minute, the breast cancer dvd, is now available in our e-store, The cancer movie is also now on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more.

What cancer charities are involved in 1 a Minute?

Cancer charity partners are susan g. komen for the cure, olivia newton john cancer foundation, carol baldwin breast cancer foundation, nargis dutt cancer foundation, young survival coalition, chopra foundation, americans for safe access and john wayne cancer institute. However, partners also include sponsors like lifetime tv cancer movie sponsor. Awesome international celeb support includes hrithink roshan cancer documentary support, fardeen khan cancer documentary support, danii minogue cancer documentary support, alison sudol cancer documentary support, vidhu vinod chopra cancer documentary support, sanjay dutt cancer documentary support, suzanne roshan cancer documentary support, smita thackeray cancer documentary support, maria conchita alonso cancer documentary support, shweta pandit cancer documentary support, waheeda rehman cancer documentary support, shaina nc cancer documentary support, juhi babbar cancer support for documentary, tanuja chandra cancer documentary support, sheetal sheth cancer documentary support and many more.

What is the ultimate goal of TTC?

Not dictated by patents or profits; TTC’s priority is the people touched by cancer. We bring you the bottom line: World renowned expert opinions on what works for cancer survival. With the fast rate of progress, cancer mortality has declined at an astonishing rate. But the ultimate goal of The Thrive Channel is to help provide a better quality of life regardless of the type or stage of cancer. Cancer may take lives; but it can’t take your spirit.